Mission Statement

Subscription Economy, Digital transformation, Internet Of Things, Cloud, Big data, Social Network, mobile devices, Pads....

These new technologies and trends are revolutionizing our daily life and businesses.

The market is shifting rapidly and businesses are looking for solutions that help them to adapt quickly.

Mastering the subscription product marketing structure, the related execution business processes, the core business information systems solutions and their architectures, at Bizfocus Solutions we help you to leverage the subscription economy, the digital and technological revolution by transforming your business processes and supporting them.

Our goal is to help you to create, transform and execute Subscription Business :

  • Install recurrent revenue
  • Increase revenue and margin
  • Capture and retain customers
  • Perpetuate business

We work with executives & Marketing VPs, we handle the transformation process from end to end.

Bizfocus Solutions provides consulting services, BaaS and SaaS business solutions on a pay as you grow basis.

Our SaaS Agile Monetization Platform Blooming Stream. is fully integrated with Saleforce CRM & Sage Live or Zuora for billing & Accounting.

The targeted business verticals are: e-Commerce, Communications & media, Digital services, Insurance, Assistance.

What is changing today

Subscription & usage Economy:
The market is shifting from:

  • Product focus to customer focus
  • Product list to bundled offers combined with added value services
  • Upfront cost to freemium service access
  • Ownership to usage
  • Churn to MRR
  • Postpaid to prepaid
  • Direct sales to internet sales

Internet Of Things:
The Internet Of Things is bringing new usages simplifying business processes and helping in the creation of new subscription products. The subscription economy is oftenly simplifying the introduction of the IOT on the market.

Today everyone can be connected at anytime from anywhere. The use of multiple access devices, smartphones, xPads, laptops, cars... is becoming common.

BOYD (Bring Your Own Device):
People use their own device for work, either at the office or outside the office!

Import personal use at work:
The explosion and ease of install low cost multiple Apps for personal use, set up the same expectations and requirements in a professional context.

Paperless business processes:
the use and exchange of digital documents (bills, contracts, bank statements...) is becoming common and is setting up the paperless buisness processes as a standard.

Social Networks and geolocalization:
Facebook, Twitter, chat groups, Maps, blogs... are changing the way of communication and consumption:
  • The communication at work is moving from "emails to collaborative"
  • The communications with customers, prospects and partners are moving to social networks either private or public
  • New sales Channels: "how to be where my customers are?", how to be on Facebook, Twitter, Maps...? How to listen and take advantage of the social medias?
Cloud Services:
Cloud services are reducing costs dramatically and are offering new ease of use services for private and professional use (Dropbox, Gmail, Google enterprise,Salesforce, Amazon Web Services...). The business model of consumption is becoming based on userather then investment: I pay what I use only, and therefor enterprise consumption is moving from CAPEX to OPEX.

Big Data:
The volume and variety of produced and available data opens the route to the new science for taking advantage of this data.

It is a "small world":
The market globalization and the emergent market opportunities (BRIC) implies new business processes and new IT strategies.

Evolution of tools & techniques:
The evolution of tools & techniques in software & network areas are extremely reducing cost and timeframes of projects.

Information Systems need to evolve

Information Systems need to evolve integrating these business changes and taking advantage of the new technologies ( Cloud Services, Internet of Things, Social Networks, Chatters, Geolocalization, Big data...) to:

  • Implement quickly the Information System solution supporting the business evolution
  • Increase the agility and reactivity of Information system regarding business challenges
  • Rationalize and optimize costs
  • Measure costs by user and use
  • Integrate mobility and collaborative use
  • Use in an efficient way the social networks technology

Our Playground


  • Transform product into service usage
  • Introduce product marketing innovation
  • Create new and scalable recurring revenue
  • Create e-Commerce Subscription channel

Business Verticals

  • e-Commerce
  • Communication & media
  • Digital services
  • Insurance (P&C, Life, Group Life)
  • Assistance (Motor, Health, Travel)
  • Software industry

What we do for you?

  • Innovate with new product marketing plans (based on subscription and usages)
  • Manage subscription sales and contract settlement processes based on MRR and TCV
  • Provision & activate subscribed services
  • Manage recurrent revenue
  • Count, valuate & charge usages
  • Provide business reporting

What do you get?

  • Improved Plug & play business toolkit
  • Fast market launch
  • BaaS business operations or SaaS solution
  • New revenue (MRR)
  • Pay as you grow

Business cases

  • Transform product sales into service subscription sales
  • Scale the subscription business
  • Add services to existing products ( insurance, goods ...)
  • Support new business models & digital services